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Tall brunette beauty sucks and deep throats cock with passion before she gets bent over and fucked hard from behind only to have her mouth filled with a huge cum shot.

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9 Sep 12

Cum Trophie

Gerri here from Amateur Allure loves sucking cock…. And so few can suck cock like Geri can! Gerri here can suck down an entire cock without gagging at all!

And she sure does look pretty doing it too!


Yeah, this young teen loves sucking down the cock!


But the best part of Gerri is that she isn’t afraid of swallowing down a load of cum! Chicks who dig cum always rock! She doesn’t just swallow it down either – Instead, she wants to show it off like a trophie!

It’s a cum trophie!!!


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Damn, that’s one hell of a long cock! I bet you this dark haired school girl couldn’t deep throat that monster if her life depended on it!

school girl eats cum1

She might not be able to deep throat him, but she sure is able to get him off! And that’s a nice load of jizz that she just got – all across her mouth!

school girl eats cum3

Check her out licking jizz off of her fingers while playing with her nipples…. Yeah, I bet you she got off sucking his cock too!

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4 Sep 12

Sperm Lover

Some chicks love cock too much for their own good! And this bikini clad oral slut on the beach seems to really know what she’s doing! Long before she takes his cock in her mouth, she starts stroking it off to make it nice and hard! A soft cock doesn’t do much in her mouth!

She wants it hard and long – So she can practice her deep throating skills!

allie loves sucking cock2

Once his cock is nice and hard, she’s ready to suck him whole! Right into her mouth that cock goes; She keeps her hand on his cock and keeps stroking it while she sucks him down!

allie loves sucking cock1

He’s about to drop a huge load of sperm in her mouth!

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30 Aug 12

Jolie Licks Balls

Jolie promised Thomas from Amateur Allure that not only could she make him cum, but that she would swallow down his entire load! This is what we expect from the Amateur Allure website!!!

Turns out that Jolie has a little trick…. She loves sucking and licking balls! She can give us a good old fashioned tongue bath on our balls any time she wants!


And just like she promised she swallowed down his entire load!


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26 Aug 12

Mallory Loves Jizz

Mallory isn’t just sucking cock. She’s making love to it. She’s taking her time, and making sure she pays a lot of attention to his balls… Oh, how we do love it when chicks lick our balls with their tongues!

mallory hot tiny teen loves cum swallowing51 mallory hot tiny teen loves cum swallowing50

And then to make sure she gets exactly what she wants out of this blow job – a load of sperm for her to cum swallow – she wraps it up by deep throating him, all the way down! Who knew that little Mallory could deep throat like this?

mallory hot tiny teen loves cum swallowing54

Don’t worry, Mallory will get exactly what she wants…. She loves having jizz in her mouth; It’s like a trophy for her! Then she proudly opens up her mouth so we can see she hasn’t spit it out or swallowed it down yet…. We want to see the look on her face when she cum swallows!

mallory hot tiny teen loves cum swallowing59

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3 Aug 12

Hot Cum Swallow

Christie from Amateur Allure looks rather happy to have a huge load of jizz in her mouth….

christie swallows-cum6

Glad this beauty likes the cum swallow!

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30 Jul 12

Huge Cum Load

Another day and another hottie to suck down cock…. Down on her knees and naked, cock in mouth, time to go to town!

Oh, how we love it when a chick isn’t afraid of a little cock in her mouth! We love it when they grab our cock in their hand and tug on it gently while sucking us off! And clearly this babe isn’t afraid of a little cock!

cock hungry jizz loving babe1 cock hungry jizz loving babe2

She’s also not afraid of a little jizz in her mouth – Or a lot of jizz!

cock hungry jizz loving babe3

Jesus, that’s a huge load of jizz in her mouth – Like a pile of cum, right there on her tongue!

Thankfully she likes the taste of jizz because that’s going to be a huge load of cum to swallow! He surely loaded up his mouth with jizz!

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Yeah, I know you like schoolgirls sucking on cock!

Poor Kathy had always loved sucking on cock, but when she pulled out this rod she was floored by how huge this cock was! She was amazed – she had heard stories about men with huge cocks, but she had never seen one close and up front like this…. And just thinking about trying to suck it down turned her on to no end!

hungry schoolgirl loves eating jizz3

Sure enough, she took his cock in her mouth and tried to make the best of it…. She had a strong grip on his cock and and was sucking him all nice and proper like!

hungry schoolgirl loves eating jizz5

She didn’t expect a huge cock; She also didn’t expect such a huge load of jizz! He shot it off every where! Her face was covered with jizz!

And then when she licked it off she learned yet another thing – she loved the way jizz tastes!

hungry schoolgirl loves eating jizz7

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We don’t know this chick’s name, but she’s from the Cum Fiesta website -you know, where chicks are really nothing more than sponges to take in all of our jizz….

We like how she’s sucking him down, using her cheeks to really suck; She’s got her little titties hanging out

hot slut eats jizz464

I hope this chick likes eating jizz, because she just got a really nice facial – jizz all over the place! Looks like some of it might have even gone up her nose!

hot slut eats jizz465

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