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Watch Janice make Dick Rise after meditation.

Breathtaking hot petite chick with nice rack Janice Griffith puts a big cock into her tiny pussy after doing some meditation session

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Beautiful brunette teen with big natural tits gets fucked and eats cum.

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How the fuck do I keep getting this lucky all the time? These hot amateur babes just keep showing up at my door for one reason or another and ending up riding my dick just for the fun of it. Like just last week, this blonde 21 year old amateur named Christina had a flat tire a block from my place. She asked to use the phone, but when I told her what I did for my job, she got really turned on. It wasn't long before she was gagging on my hard dick and letting me pound her tight wet twat. When i looked at those massive jiggly jugs of hers, I had to blow my wad, so she told me to jizz in her mouth.

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When the doorbell rang the other day, I was probably not as polite as I should have been. It was even worse because the girl who'd been knocking was such a knockout! Her name was Leilani and she was looking for a job babysitting. I don't have any kids, but I know a way she can get some dough really fast. Before you know it, she was fucking me with those giant boobs of hers, before working my massive shaft down her throat. This horny blonde cutie enjoyed swallowing my load.

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With the amount of effort that Sophie Dee is putting into this blow job…. Deep throating and all….. She’ll be sure to get a hot load of jizz in her mouth!


We just hope this blonde haired cock sucking teen swallows down our cum!!!!

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You never can tell what kind of nasty shit your girl will do when you piss her off. Hannah has too much bullshit. If she has to pick up one more candy wrapper off the floor, she's going to freak out. Since I don't want this lovely brunette amateur going to jail, I figured I'd give her an alternate path for all that anger. She vented all her frustration blowing my massive dick and eating my spooge.

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17 Sep 12

Jizz Jugglers

Now isn’t this just cute? two hot chicks, both of them teens and on their knees, sharing a blow job…..

Two chicks sucking on cock is always hot, and it will ensure they’ll get a nice fat load of hot sticky jizz for them to eat!!!!


Because we all know that chicks love swallowing cum, right???

These two cum drinking sluts love cum so much they want to play with it, swapping it from one hot teen mouth to another!!!!


That’s why we call them Jizz Jugglers!!!!

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I must have been the luckiest guy on the earth the other day to be able to get such a sexy babe down on her knees. She was more than happy to take the full length of my hard dick into her sweet little mouth. She slurped hungrily as she looked up at me with her seductive eyes. In The End, I bombed her with a huge goopy stream of fresh spooge. She smiled at me after slurping up the full dripping wad.

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10 Sep 12

Cum Sharing

Oh my lord…. These two cum slurping teen chicks are totally hot! And more than willing to share the same dick! They must really want to taste his cum pretty badly!

Looks like they are taking turns….


Because it’s the other chick who gets the load of cum in her mouth. That’s fine though; She’s more than willing to share that fat load of cum with her cute little blonde cum loving girlfriend!!!!


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7 Sep 12

Hot Sticky Load

This young teen loves cum…. She knows that the only real reason for sucking a cock is to trick men into spitting out their load of hot sticky man goo so they can slurp it all down! And Melissa here is ready to take it all in!

Check it – they caught that entire load in mid air!


She looks happy to be able to take the load in her mouth!!!

Looks like one hell of a big load of cum she got too! I guess that’s why they call the website “Sperm Cocktail“!!!!


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