7 Sep 12

Hot Cum Swappers

We love it when girls suck our cock just to milk out every last job of cum that our cocks can spit out…. We love women who love cum!

Even hotter is when two chicks invest their time into sucking us off tag team style – and then swap it out with each other!!


You know they really like cum when they share it with each other!!!

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This hot teen can’t wait to have a huge load of cum in her mouth… Right on her tongue there!

hot whore loves sucking cock

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6 Sep 12

Cum Swallow Teen

She doesn’t have a lot of jizz in her mouth, but that’s mostly because she already swallowed most of it down… It’s smoking hot when blonde teens cum swallow!


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5 Sep 12

Eating Jizz


Of course, having a chick with pig tails sucking on your cock is always a huge turn on. It’s sort of like the ultimate oral back up plan – if she’s not sucking your cock the way you want or if she’s not going down deep enough…. All you need to do is yank on her hair – then you’ll have her undivided attention and she’ll be more than willing to suck off your cock exactly the way you want her to suck it!


sasha sinn oral whore12

In the end her great reward is a nice load of jizz – right in the mouth!!!!

sasha sinn oral whore13

And on her chest too….. Seems she likes jizz everywhere!

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5 Sep 12

Good Blow Job

You can tell this is going to be a good blow job…. Just by the way she uses her tongue!

best blow job

Yeah, Thomas from Amateur Allure will be sure to drop a huge load of his cum right on that fat tongue of hers!!!!

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Now this is the way all hot teens should wake us up – With an early morning blow job!

mallory-deep throats cock

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4 Sep 12

Sperm Lover

Some chicks love cock too much for their own good! And this bikini clad oral slut on the beach seems to really know what she’s doing! Long before she takes his cock in her mouth, she starts stroking it off to make it nice and hard! A soft cock doesn’t do much in her mouth!

She wants it hard and long – So she can practice her deep throating skills!

allie loves sucking cock2

Once his cock is nice and hard, she’s ready to suck him whole! Right into her mouth that cock goes; She keeps her hand on his cock and keeps stroking it while she sucks him down!

allie loves sucking cock1

He’s about to drop a huge load of sperm in her mouth!

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3 Sep 12

Oral Foursome

Some women love cum, and others just love sucking cock…. Some chicks are total whores that try to take on as much cock as possible. She might not be too bright – daddy must be so proud – but she can do some basic math and she knows that three cocks will produce three times the amount of cum!

And she’ll take it all in any hole they can cum into!

hot sluts love cum1

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We found these pix on a website called Load My Mouth! She’s about to get a load all right!

She’s a bit on the determined side, don’t you think? She seems to really love having his cock in her mouth! We like how she’s handling his cock; She’s got his cock in her hands stroking him gently while she’s sucking him off!

V15829 photo 6

Oh, the reward is huge too! She promised him before she started sucking him off that she would swallow his load of jizz and true to her word, when she noticed he was about to cum she stopped sucking, stroked him a little, opened up her mouth wide and waited for him to drop his load of jizz right on her tongue!

Some cumshots explode, other’s don’t. This one didn’t. He just dropped his load of sperm right on her tongue like he was making a deposit at the bank!

V15829 photo 13

Right on her tongue, a nice little neat load of sperm!

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Jessie loves cock. Always has and always will. This blonde slut knows how to please a man.

She’s been giving head for as long as she can remember, and always loved sucking cock. But the one thing she never really mastered was deep throating. Try as she might, this hot babe can’t get it down her throat far enough! It’s fun to try though, and every time she tries to deep throat cock her eyes open wide… Which is kind of hot in it’s own right!

jessie cute blonde teen loves eating jizz123

This blonde hottie might not be able to take a cock down the back of her throat, but she makes up for it because she’s one of those rare chicks who can cum swallow and do so without regret and without giving it a second thought!

And girls who cum swallow are smoking hot!

jessie cute blonde teen loves eating jizz125

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