Sometimes blow jobs aren’t always beautiful. Riley Shy is a hot looking chick, but when she’s busy sucking down a cock she’s not trying to look beautiful. She’s trying to get him off, and as quickly as possible. It’s not because she wants to please him, it’s because she wants to get him off…. And she doesn’t want to get him off because it’s her job….


She wants to get him off because she loves swallowing down jizz!


The load of jizz in her mouth took her by surprise, but she recovered enough so that she could open up her mouth wide and show off that load of jizz in her mouth right on her tongue!

Oh how we love chicks who swallow our nut!

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11 Sep 12

Sperm Cocktail

Some chicks dig cum so much they could never get enough of it…. This cute little teen blonde is the perfect example. She loves cum so much that she decided to get all of her favorite boyfriends together in one place at the same time, and talked them into letting her jerk them off so that she can take all of their cum at once!

That’s one huge fucking load of cum right three!!!!


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Beautiful brunette amateur deep throats Rays cock while licking his balls before he bangs her hard and spanks her ass and fills her mouth with jizz.


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10 Sep 12

Sexy Cum Swallow

Scarlett is exactly what ever man wants in a woman… A woman who really knows how to give a proper blow job!

First Scarlett starts with licking his balls… That’s important, because we like having our balls entertained during a good blow job!

blonde teen scarlett cum swallows4

Then suddenly this hot blonde starts deep throating cock! It was pretty obvious she wasn’t holding back! She swallowed his entire cock down!

She took her lips all the way down his cock and swallowed it whole!

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She excited him so much that he couldn’t hold back – and instantly exploded in her mouth!

Scarlett was smart about it though… And she held it in her mouth on her tongue so he could see she was about to cum swallow all of his jizz down!

blonde teen scarlett cum swallows5

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10 Sep 12

Cum Sharing

Oh my lord…. These two cum slurping teen chicks are totally hot! And more than willing to share the same dick! They must really want to taste his cum pretty badly!

Looks like they are taking turns….


Because it’s the other chick who gets the load of cum in her mouth. That’s fine though; She’s more than willing to share that fat load of cum with her cute little blonde cum loving girlfriend!!!!


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9 Sep 12

Cum Trophie

Gerri here from Amateur Allure loves sucking cock…. And so few can suck cock like Geri can! Gerri here can suck down an entire cock without gagging at all!

And she sure does look pretty doing it too!


Yeah, this young teen loves sucking down the cock!


But the best part of Gerri is that she isn’t afraid of swallowing down a load of cum! Chicks who dig cum always rock! She doesn’t just swallow it down either – Instead, she wants to show it off like a trophie!

It’s a cum trophie!!!


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9 Sep 12

1000 Facials

This hot little slut from 1000 Facials has a good handle on the situation – and a good handle on his balls!

Chicks who aren’t afraid of grabbing hold of someone’s balls while sucking them off are the kind of chicks you want sucking down on your cock! She’s looking back up at us; She looks pretty hot. Nice firm boobies!

I wouldn’t mind dropping my load of jizz right on her nice perky breasts!


Seems that’s exactly what he did! She sucked him off and then stroked his cock until he dropped his entire load in her mouth, on her chest; All over the damn place!

And like the true whore she is she took it like a champ!


That’s our type of girl!

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Damn, that’s one hell of a long cock! I bet you this dark haired school girl couldn’t deep throat that monster if her life depended on it!

school girl eats cum1

She might not be able to deep throat him, but she sure is able to get him off! And that’s a nice load of jizz that she just got – all across her mouth!

school girl eats cum3

Check her out licking jizz off of her fingers while playing with her nipples…. Yeah, I bet you she got off sucking his cock too!

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8 Sep 12

Hot Cum Shot

This young little hottie looks happy to have a load of cum spit out across her face…..


That’s our type of girl!!!!

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7 Sep 12

Hot Sticky Load

This young teen loves cum…. She knows that the only real reason for sucking a cock is to trick men into spitting out their load of hot sticky man goo so they can slurp it all down! And Melissa here is ready to take it all in!

Check it – they caught that entire load in mid air!


She looks happy to be able to take the load in her mouth!!!

Looks like one hell of a big load of cum she got too! I guess that’s why they call the website “Sperm Cocktail“!!!!


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