16 Sep 12

Wife Loves Jizz

Talk about your hot cum swallowing babes…. Meet Wifey from Wifey’s World. Yummy!

She’s a hot MILF with huge knockers and a killer body who not only loves to suck down the cock, but also loves to swallow cum! We should be so lucky to have a hot cum swallowing babe like this for a wife!

hot wife messy blowjob1

This might be one of the best cum shots of all time!!!

hot wife messy blowjob2

And what a messy cum shot it turned out to be!

But that’s fine because Wifey knew when she was getting into it that this blow job would end up with a nice load of his jizz all over her mouth!

hot wife messy blowjob3

Wait until you see her on video licking that cum up!!!

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I must have been the luckiest guy on the earth the other day to be able to get such a sexy babe down on her knees. She was more than happy to take the full length of my hard dick into her sweet little mouth. She slurped hungrily as she looked up at me with her seductive eyes. In The End, I bombed her with a huge goopy stream of fresh spooge. She smiled at me after slurping up the full dripping wad.

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15 Sep 12

Cum Splurpers

Oh, the classic oral tag team…. Two hot chicks sucking the same cock!

If they are willing to share the same cock you know they’ll both be wiling to share his load of cum too!


And that’s exactly what these two chicks did…. They sucked him off until he came, one chick took the load of cum in her mouth and then shared it with her hot girlfriend…..

Because they both love cum so much!!!!


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15 Sep 12

Hot Ball Licker

Man oh man, Amateur Allure sure does know how to pick the very best women when it comes to cock sucking hotties!

This is Kimberly investing an unusually long amount of time licking his balls… All men love it when women lick their balls! And Kimberly is more than willing!

kimeberly loves oral-sex 1

Next up this hot cock sucker licks the shaft up and down like a good little oral slut…. And the entire time she’s looking back up at him!

kimeberly loves oral-sex 2

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14 Sep 12

Missed Cum Shot

This chick was more than willing to swallow down his entire load of cum… But she excited him too much when sucking down his cock, it all happened so quickly, and he just spit out his entire load – missing her face!


Looks like this cock sucking cum slurping whore is going to have to suck him off again!

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14 Sep 12

Oral Delights

You would think that a chick this hot wouldn’t be into blow jobs…. She can have any man she wants – she’s rather beautiful – so there is no need for her to get down on her hands and knees like a your typical cock sucking whore. But in this case she loves sucking cock……. She’s always loved giving head; She loves the power it gives over her men!


And even more than sucking cock, she loves the look men get on their face when they are about to cum and she takes it all in her mouth. No gagging, no complaining, just a big wide smile…. And then she shows it off to them!!!!


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13 Sep 12

Hot Cum Swappers

These two cuties seem to really be enjoying themselves….. Taking turns swapping out a load of cum!


Don’t let women fool you. They all like having cum in their mouth. If not, someone just needs to educate them about it!

It can be too bad if these two hotties like cum so much that they are willing to share it between them!


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13 Sep 12

Blonde Cum Lover

Imagine looking down and seeing a hottie like this sucking on your cock???

That’s enough to give us instant wood right there. And she’s so damn hot too!


But what makes her even hotter is what happens at the very end of the blow job. Girls who shy away from a load of cum aren’t much fun; But this hot little blonde didn’t even flinch. She knew it was coming; She could feel his cock about to off and she just kept on sucking like a good little whore!

She looks so damn hot with that load of man goo in her mouth!!!!


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12 Sep 12

Huge Facial

Looks like this hot blonde got a lot more cum than she thought she was going to get….. And it looks like his cum shot right up her nose!


And then all over the place!! What a great facial this turned out to be!!

She looks like she’s enjoying all of it too!!!!


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12 Sep 12

Super Deep Throat

This is what we like to see when it comes to oral sex – a naked woman in high heels on her couch, putting in all of her effort into sucking off the cock that’s in front of her! Not only is that a nice thick cock, but she’s also deep throating the living day lights of his cock! She’s doing a damn good job and she knows it. She must be after something….

But would she get out of sucking off his cock and making him cum other than a thank you, if that? You know what she’ll get….


She’s going to be getting a nice fat load of jizz in her mouth – and lots of it!


He spit out so much jizz that she couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and it ended up dripping out! She got jizz every place – in her mouth, on her cheeks, dripping out of her mouth, on her chest… And oh, what a beautiful fucking rack she has!!!

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