30 May 12

Super Hot Blowjob

Oh god how we love chicks who swallow cum…. And we really love chicks that come in pairs that not only love to swallow cum, but they love it so much that they are willing to share it with their girlfriends….

As if having these two hot teens sucking on your cock wouldn’t be enough to make you quickly drop your load of jizz in one of their mouths….


Looks like the one on the left can pretty much deep throat his cock too!

She doesn’t know it but she’s about to get a huge load of jizz in her mouth!


The hotter the blow job the more cum we can spit out, and this is a super hot blow job!!!

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29 May 12

Oral Tag Team

Some chicks have just too much talent. Combine that with a passion for jizz and you get a once in a life time story that you’ll never forget! Come on, this is the stuff that fantasies are made up of!

Turns out this oral tag team knows all of the tricks of giving a good blow job, including deep throating his cock all the way down her throat! It’s nice to see some chicks can still deep throat like this. And it turns out her blonde haired friend knows how to deep throat too! Imagine having two chicks taking turns deep throating your cock! That would be too much!

And god, all women look beautiful when they are deep throating cock!

deep-throating-sluts-tag-team1 deep-throating-sluts-tag-team2

But that’s not what they are here for. They aren’t here to spend all of their time deep throating cock. Oh, they’ll do it, and they won’t complain, but only because they know exactly how they’ll be rewarded… With a nice fat load of jizz in their mouth!

But with all of that jizz and only one of them can have it, so they’ll have to share! Thankfully these two cock sucking whores are willing to share jizz!


What a beautiful sight it is when two women swap a man’s jizz!

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29 May 12

Miley Loves Cock

Once again Amateur Allure has found the hottest chick in the world to suck his cock off. Meet Miley.

Damn, she’s smoking hot with her auburn hair. My fucking god…. The moment she got down on her knees I’d be busting my load of jizz in my pants, even if my cock wasn’t out!!!!


Once down on her knees Miley knows what she’s doing – She’s no stranger to oral sex, that’s for sure!

The grabs his cock with her hands, pulls on it, strokes it a little, and the entire time she’s got his cock in her mouth sucking him off!!!!


When he pops out his load she takes it all down like a champ! She’s not afraid of the taste of cum in her mouth!!!


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Oh how we love chicks who love to swallow cum…. And we really love chicks who love to share our cum with their hot girlfriends!

This hot little threesome couldn’t be much hotter….


Unless the spend time swapping out the cum between the two of them!!!!


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