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17 Sep 12

Jizz Jugglers

Now isn’t this just cute? two hot chicks, both of them teens and on their knees, sharing a blow job…..

Two chicks sucking on cock is always hot, and it will ensure they’ll get a nice fat load of hot sticky jizz for them to eat!!!!


Because we all know that chicks love swallowing cum, right???

These two cum drinking sluts love cum so much they want to play with it, swapping it from one hot teen mouth to another!!!!


That’s why we call them Jizz Jugglers!!!!

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15 Sep 12

Cum Splurpers

Oh, the classic oral tag team…. Two hot chicks sucking the same cock!

If they are willing to share the same cock you know they’ll both be wiling to share his load of cum too!


And that’s exactly what these two chicks did…. They sucked him off until he came, one chick took the load of cum in her mouth and then shared it with her hot girlfriend…..

Because they both love cum so much!!!!


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13 Sep 12

Hot Cum Swappers

These two cuties seem to really be enjoying themselves….. Taking turns swapping out a load of cum!


Don’t let women fool you. They all like having cum in their mouth. If not, someone just needs to educate them about it!

It can be too bad if these two hotties like cum so much that they are willing to share it between them!


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10 Sep 12

Cum Sharing

Oh my lord…. These two cum slurping teen chicks are totally hot! And more than willing to share the same dick! They must really want to taste his cum pretty badly!

Looks like they are taking turns….


Because it’s the other chick who gets the load of cum in her mouth. That’s fine though; She’s more than willing to share that fat load of cum with her cute little blonde cum loving girlfriend!!!!


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7 Sep 12

Hot Cum Swappers

We love it when girls suck our cock just to milk out every last job of cum that our cocks can spit out…. We love women who love cum!

Even hotter is when two chicks invest their time into sucking us off tag team style – and then swap it out with each other!!


You know they really like cum when they share it with each other!!!

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These two hot babes look like they are ready to have some serious fun….. One chick sucks while the other licks his balls!

These two cock sucking whores are after one thing – a hot load of cum to share between the two of them!

selena angel swapping cum7 selena angel swapping cum8

Blondie here takes the load of cum right in the mouth – what a great shot!

But she doesn’t swallow it down right away, but instead holds onto it….

selena angel swapping cum9

So she can share it with her lesbian girlfriend!!!!

selena angel swapping cum10

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Two hot chicks sucking down cock….. One swallowing it down, the other whore licking his shaft. It’s a oral tag team and these two cock sucking sluts are going to enjoy it to the last drop!

ariana carla lesbian cock suckers1

Sooner or later one of them will get the load of cum shot right in her mouth!

ariana carla lesbian cock suckers2

But of course she has to share it with her lesbian girlfriend…. Because these two slutty whores both love the taste of cum! That makes them cum swallowing babes!

ariana carla lesbian cock suckers3

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18 Jul 12

Hot Cock Jockeys

You can tell these two cock jockeys are looking for more than some hot cock sucking action…… They want one thing and one thing only!

And they want it so badly they are willing to share!


And once they put all of that effort into this blow job…. Out comes his cum and they are both willing to share his load of man goo between the two of them – That was the plan from the get go!

You just got to love those Jizz Jugglers!!!!


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10 Jul 12

Super Sticky Kiss

Now this is hot….. This comes straight from the member’s area of a website called Sperm Swap – a site about hot babes sucking cock, taking a load of hot sticky man goo, and then swapping it out with each other…… And these two have their own special twist on swapping sperm!

She starts off by sucking cock, and when he’s ready… taking a load of his cum in her mouth!


Instead of swallowing like she likes, instead she held it in her mouth on her tongue – she loves the taste of man goo on her tongue anyhow – and she slowly dripped his cum into her girlfriend’s mouth…..


Once they had shared the cum between the two of them, they decided to lock lips again to swap out his sperm all over again!!!


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9 Jul 12

Hot Cum Lovers

Bobbie and Kelly had been best friend since they first met in high school…. And they loved shared everything, in a special magical way that only teen chicks can pull off. They’ve shared homework and tests in school, and later as they got older they shared a car and an apartment – and of course boyfriends too!

They loved sharing cock….. They both had a lot in common, but one of the things they both loved the most was cum – Hot sticky man goo straight from a man’s cock!

cock sucking cum loving whores1

They loved to tag team cock every chance they could, which happened more often than not!!!!

One of the things they loved to do was swapping out the cum! Once one of them got a mouthful, they would transfer it over to the mouth of their girlfriend…… The cum goes from one mouth to another!!!!

cock sucking cum loving whores2 cock sucking cum loving whores3

It must be a special treat to have these two working on your cock!!!

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